Three Most Important Web Design Tips to Remember

May 24th, 20105 Comments

Thee are many web design tips to take into consideration. Some pertain to the actual design, while many others relate to search engine optimization for search marketing, building trust in the eyes of the consumer and site usability. The three most important web design tips to remember and apply include front end planning and preparation, the use of search friendly design practices, and the generation and placement of unique and relevant content. These three primary tips have been proven staples from the beginning of the Internet and the development of the first generation websites, even though little was know then about search engines. Nothing defeats your online success faster than jumping in without a plan and ignoring what both search engines and human site visitors want and need to find and return to your website.

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  1. I would say get ten videos. Then make a youtube account. It might be smart to put the name of the show you are promoting in your username. If you want to watermark your videos then you can do that with something like Windows Movie Maker, but you can just upload the videos if you want. Only risk is you might be promoting somebody elses site if you upload previously watermarked vids. This is a pretty spamish approach, so maybe use some proxies to avoid a permaban, or be a baller and get YTCrackers OwnTube and pump out the jams big time.

  2. Leigh Norkus says:

    We’ve have done website design for 10 and have a few essential things for everyone. First, do not open new browser windows. This may be singing to the choir, but I can not tell you how many websiets I come across with these simple problems. Oh and one other tip, Do not use FrontPage.

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