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Frequently Asked Questions About Web Content

What is web content?
Why is it important?
Doesn’t the web designer do my content?
What if I need help with my web site content?

If you have ever thought or asked these questions, you are not alone. Content for your web site is one of the most crucial elements of your entire web site.

Why Web Content is Important

Generally speaking, many web site owners choose to create content-rich or driven web sites. What does content-rich or driven mean? In the simplest of terms, it means building up your content for search engine optimization. Giving the spiders what they need to recognize you and move you up the virtual search engine ladder.

Web Content is Connected to the…Keywords,
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Content for your web site is different than the copy you write and publish for print marketing and advertising. Many business owners assume that since they have written content about their business, product or service, it will suffice. In most cases it will not, without some copy editing. This type of copy does not usually have the right keywords to market your business online, or carry over the right keywords into the content in a relevant way.

A content-driven site will most likely have tons of pages.To one person that may be 50 pages, to another person that may be 500 pages. Yet, many businesses cannot afford a web site like that, in time or money. Yet, 200 words of relevant content can out perform 2,000 words of less relevant content.

Destination Graphix offers copy writing services for print and web design, advertising as well as technical, corporate and business publications.

Graphic and Other Web Content

Web site graphics, product images, video links, etc. are considered web content and generally expected to be provided by you, the customer.

If you need graphic image or custom designed graphics for your web site then look for a web designer that does both or solicit the services of a graphic designer that is experienced in designing for web sites. Do not assume a web designer is a graphic designer, or vice versa.

If you are developing a web site first and print materials second, you will want to have the graphics created once for print first, and converted for web usage. If you don’t, you will either pay double to have the graphics recreated for print, or you will settle to use low resolution web images and generate a poor business identity in print.

If you are planning to develop an online store with hundreds or thousands of inventory items you will be expected to provide the images on a disk along with product description content. It will cost you thousands of dollars to ask a web designer or a graphic designer to obtain your inventory images from the manufacturer’s web site or similar online store. It will cost nearly as much to have a web designer or graphic designer optimize these photos for your web site if they are not obtained properly.

Destination Graphix offers this information for general purposes to help educate and prepare business owners in the development, design and marketing of their web site. It is not intended to deter you from searching out the best resources for your web site needs. Destination Graphix recommends that every business owner sign a contract that clearly states all products and services being purchased and clearly defines the responsibilities of all parties.

Duplicate content. Destination Graphix expects all web site customers to have authorization to use any duplicate content or graphics submitted for their web site. Why? For liability purposes, copyright protection and industry integrity. Use of duplicate text content can negatively affect your web site and online web site performance. By the act of submitting any pre-existing or known duplicate content, written or graphics, the customer accepts full legal liability and acknowledges they either own the content or have gained permission to use such content.

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