Understanding the Basics of Web Design

Web design can sound intimidating to many people. The mere mention of Java script, coding, HTML and WYSIWYG website builders can sound like a foreign language. Simply put, web design is the creation, arrangement and publishing of web pages.

Web designers, website building software and web design itself comes in many forms, and they are NOT created equal. It is YOUR responsibility to know the difference and understand what you are getting into when you begin to design or redesign your website—or select and work with a web designer.

Web Design, Web Content, Web Marketing 101

The Golden Rule in web development (web design, content, site maintenance and marketing) is the customer shall provide the web content—graphics and text. A lack of knowledge, communication and understanding about what a web designer will provide can cost you great frustration, time and money above and beyond your initial investment.

Why are we telling you this information? Because we meet business owners like yourself everyday. New website owners need help beyond simply building the site. More often than not, a new site owner does not know what he or she is getting into or purchasing. We meet existing site owners that are paying double or more for a website that is not working for their business, or their customers. It may be incomplete, nonfunctioning, riddled with bad code, lack meta tags, contain poor or non-relevant content for the site, non-existent to the to search engines, and many more disheartening scenarios.



Use a Google Chart shortcode. It's easy.

The Google Charts is extremely simple way to create charts from some data and embed it in a website. The theme provides your Google Chart shortcode that makes the process even easier and lets create few types of charts. It is really simple to post using the shortcode.

How to use Types of chart
Shortcode Charts Demo